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  1. Open 
  2.  Select the KPI that you want to make changes to.
  3. Select the Edit button in the top right hand corner of the View KPI Definition panel.

What Will Happen Next

A window will pop up allowing you to edit the existing KPI. The fields that can be edited include: 

  • KPI Ref - A unique short code for the KPI used for identifying KPIs. eg. SD_01 is one possible pattern for tracking Service Desk performance.
  • KPI Name - The KPI Name is a short, descriptive unique label for identifying a KPI. 
  • Tags - This is the principal grouping mechanism for linking similar or related KPIs. Tags are used in external report views to group related KPIs. eg. monthly cost
  • KPI Description - Allows you to give a more detailed description of the KPI. Optional, but recommended. 
  • Units - Provide a short, descriptive term for what the KPI represents. eg. minutes, dollars or tickets.
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