A Fact object represents single point of a metric or KPI data, the value and optional metadata at a specific date and time. ServiceClarity collects metric Facts and calculates KPI Facts. The output of all KPI calculation formula is a Fact, which is the value of the KPI on the date of the KPI calculation.

Each point in a KPI or metric data set is a single Fact about that KPI or metric. In the above example we that on the 7th December the value for the KPI is 4 issues and the available metadata is a breakdown by component and also by priority

Metric Facts are collected from sources such as JIRA, AWS, custom database, etc. They are collected at intervals throughout the day, as regularly as every 10 minute intervals, or hourly, or as infrequently as once each day. KPI Facts are calculated for a day as metric data becomes available with each calculation refreshing the KPI Fact for that day. 

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