Returns the last known Fact, chronologically, from a metric or KPI argument. If there are no Facts in the list or all of the Facts contain null or NaN values return a MissingFact which has no data and not breakdown. The MissingFact is a special case of a Fact object that can be useful to simplify defensive coding checks.

var timing = metrics.getLatest('Time to Resolve');
var inHours = timing.value(0.0) / 60.0;

if (inHours > 0){
    console.log('Converting timing in minutes %s to hours', timing);
    var breakdown = timing.breakdown();
    if (breakdown){
        console.log('Converting breakdown to hours %s', breakdown);
        breakdown = breakdown.scale(1.0/60.0);
    return {
        'value' : inHours,
        'breakdown' : breakdown
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