Create a copy of the BreakdownSet with the Breakdown values converted into a percentage of the total Breakdown. This is a common use or Breakdown metadata where the proportion is more useful than the absolute value. 

The following example is a complex KPI formula that uses the % breakdown of Issue Priority to find the % time spent on the highest priority issue.  

//Get the recorded time metric                                       
var timeSpent = metrics.get('*Time*');                                                                                                    
//Get the breakdown for the time spent, which includes the 'priority'
var breakdown = timeSpent.getLatest().breakdown();              
//Convert the priority timings to % of total time            
breakdown = breakdown.get("priority").asPercentage();        

//Filter the highest priority
breakdown = breakdown.filter("Critical", "High");                

//Return the total % time spent on highest priority issues
return {                                                      
   'value' : breakdown.sum()                                  
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