• jql  - a ServiceClarity JQL filter to find the JIRA issues of interest


  • The number of JIRA issues returned by the JQL query

The JIRA Issue Counter is the default ServiceClarity data collector for JIRA. It is the cornerstone of many essential JIRA KPIs, work in progress, backlog, burndown, % issues rejected, etc. 

To configure a JIRA Issue Counter you need to specify the JQL that finds the JIRA issues (or bugs, tasks, etc) that need to be counted. No additional configuration is required, although it is recommended that you consider defining a list of JIRA issue fields for a breakdown for the returned data.  For example, a backlog collection of outstanding work might be broken down by issue type or issue priority or by and custom field configured for your JIRA system. The JIRA Issue Counter can also be used to track quality KPIs such as the number of active issues without estimates, which depending on your process, could represent unplanned work.

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