• jql  - a ServiceClarity JQL filter to find the JIRA issues of interest

  • aggregate  - the aggregate function to apply, e.g. COUNT(‘Open’) 

  • threshold  - the number of times in a state before an issue is counted 


  • The count JIRA issues returned by the JQL query that have been in the specified aggregate state for the number of times specified as a threshold

The Count In State collector requires that your JIRA cloud account or JIRA Service installation has the JIRA Charts plugin enabled. This collector can count the number of JIRA issues that have been in a stage of the JIRA workflow more than once. Depending on your workflow, and with the right JQL, it can be used to track workflow KPIs such as: blocked tasks or reopened issues.

To configure a Count In State collector you need to specify the JQL, the name of the workflow status and a threshold value for inclusion in the count. For example, you could track work that has been in the “Open” state more than once to create a churn KPI.


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