• jql  - a ServiceClarity JQL filter to find the JIRA issues of interest

  • active.states  - a list of JIRA workflow states that are considered to be active, e.g. ‘In Progress,‘In QA’


  • The average of the time spent, in minutes, in one or more workflow states - defined by the active.states option - of JIRA issues returned by the JQL query

Mean Time To Resolve collector requires that your JIRA Cloud account or JIRA Service installation has the JIRA Charts plugin enabled. This collector will count the average time that JIRA issues spend in one or more designated “active” stages of the JIRA workflow. Simply define the list of workflow states that indicate work is in progress and a JQL query that finds recently completed work to track a mean time to resolve KPI.

To configure a Mean Time To Resolve collector you need to specify the JQL and the list of workflow statuses that are considered to be “active”.

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