• jql  - a ServiceClarity JQL filter to find the JIRA issues of interest


  • The aggregate SUM  of all estimated time, in seconds, recorded by assignees against the JIRA issues returned by the JQL query

The Estimated Time collector requires that the standard JIRA field: Estimate is completed on all issues of interest. This collector will calculate the total time (in seconds) recorded as an estimate against all the JIRA issues returned by the JQL query. The estimated time can be used directly as a measure of work in progress KPI or combined with other data to calculate an actual vs estimates KPI. 

To configure a Estimated Time collector you need to specify the JQL that finds the target JIRA issues, in general the estimated is best calculated after JIRA issues have been resolved - when all work is completed. Tracking the time spent of resolved issues on any given date would enable you to aggregate daily values to weekly and monthly trends.

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