• jql  - a ServiceClarity JQL filter to find the JIRA issues of interest

  • aggregate  - the aggregate function to apply, e.g. AVG(‘T-Shirt Size’)  or SUM(‘Story Points’) 


  • The aggregate SUM  or AVG  of any numeric JIRA field calculated across all JIRA issues returned by the JQL query

The Custom Field collector will calculate the aggregate value of any numeric field including fields added by JIRA plugins such as JIRA Agile and custom fields unique to your JIRA instance or JIRA Cloud account. This collector can count, sum and average the value of custom fields for all JIRA issues returned by the JQL query. It can also find the max and min values. For example with this collector it is possible to track a work in progress KPI from JIRA Agile Story Points.

To configure a Custom Field collector you need to specify a suitable JQL query to find JIRA issues of interest and an aggregate function to apply to your custom field.

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