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  • Specific connection details may be needed for different sources. For example a JIRA connection will require a JIRA username, password and URL to set up a connection.


  1. Go to:
  2.  Select New in the top right action bar

What Will Happen Next

A window will pop up allowing you to create a new connection. The fields that can be edited include: 

  • Connector Type - The source you wish to connect to. Required field.
  • Connector Configuration - This field is not required and can be left to the default connector configuration. Depending on the source some predefined options may be available and can be selected to set up the configuration options and edit the advanced options. 
  • System Name - The display name for the connection.

Once saved your new connection will be created with the option to edit and add further details and connection configurations.

For setting up a JIRA connection see our Working with JIRA articles:

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