• User must be logged in.
  • A connection to a source must already be established.


  1. Through Connections menu item: click on the specific connection you would like to add a metric to.
  2.  Within the connection metric drop down panel you will see metrics already available or
  3. Select Add button to add a new metric.

What Will Happen Next

A window will pop up allowing you to add a new metric. Depending on the type of connection different field options will be available, with the following always shown: 

  • Metric - Required field showing metrics available with drop down options.
  • Name - A short, descriptive unique label for identifying the metric. 
  • Collect Metrics - Override the default collection frequency for the connection.
  • Allow Historic Collection - Enable or disable historic collection. 

Once saved the metric will be added to the connection metric drop down panel. Click on the metric title to view its details and edit any fields or configuration.

For specific JIRA metric configurations see our Working with JIRA articles:

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