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  1. Go to the KPI Library:

  2. Select the KPI to edit

  3. Below the KPI chart a section shows the edit options depending on the KPI type. A Single KPI or a Custom KPI.

For a single KPI you can edit the data collection by clicking Edit Data Collection. You will be redirected to the data configuration screen with options to:

  • Edit Options - edit filters and set specific data fields to collect from the source

  • Data Preview - preview of the latest data to check collection options and available data

  • Collect Historical Data - ability to backdate data collection for a particular period

  • Historical data preview chart - show data collected

  • Recent Activity - detailed log showing collection activity and possible errors or warnings.

For a custom KPI you will have the option to add more KPIs to add different data or Edit KPI Calculation to edit how KPIs are combined.

The KPIs used to build the custom KPI will be listed and can be drilled in to and edited like a single KPI for data collection.

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