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  • KPIs must already exist within ServiceClarity.

  • An audience must already exist within ServiceClarity


  1. Go to the KPIs menu item:

  2. In the list of KPIs select the KPIs to be added to the report using the Add to New Report button to the right of each KPI.

  3. Once all desired KPIs are selected a New Report button will appear, click to create a report with selected KPIs.

What Will Happen Next

A window will pop up allowing you to create the report. The following fields must be filled: 

  • Title - Short descriptive display name for the report.

  • Audience - Specify the audience for the report.

  • Description - A more detailed description of the report. Optional but recommended.

Once saved the report will be created containing your selected KPIs with the option to edit details, add KPIs or remove KPIs.

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