• User must be logged in.

  • A report must already be created.

  • Report must contain at least one KPI


  1. Through Reports menu item: click the title of the report you would like to publish

  2.  Click Publish button on top right

What Will Happen Next

A window will pop up allowing you to publish the report. The following options can be edited: 

  • Known User - If there are users within the audience linked to the report they will show under the known users list.

  • Add an existing or new user - If you would like to add another user to view this report, that is not already in the audience, they can be added using the form on the right of the pop up. Once saved the contact will move to Known User section.

  • Note: Users already within the audience cannot be removed using the publish pop up. Users can be managed for audiences within the Audiences section:

  • Auto-publish - Toggle auto-publish on or off. This will automatically send an email notification to the report audience based on the report schedule.

  • Comment - Comments can be added to the report on publish and will display within the comment sidebar for the audience to read and respond.

  • Click Publish Report

Once published your audience will receive an email notification that their report is ready to view. The notification includes a link for each user to login to ServiceClarity, access the report and option to comment. New users will be invited to join ServiceClarity and view the report.

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