How is currency exchange handled?

If you make a purchase using a different currency, your bank will convert the charge to your home currency, and you will be subject to the bank’s currency conversion rates.

How do monthly subscription fees work?

ServiceClarity charges a monthly subscription fee based on your subscribed account plans each month. The Service is billed in arrears for each month, on the monthly anniversary of subscription commencement, and is non-refundable. Your credit card will be charged every month after subscription commencement unless you cancel your account. Upon cancellation, one final billing will be charged. Monthly subscription fees are calculated using the maximum usage of each subscribed account plan in the previous month. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, or refunds made should you not use the Service during a period of time when your account is open. Should you upgrade or downgrade your account plan, your credit card will be charged at the next monthly billing date based on the maximum usage in the previous month.

How can I request an invoice?

All invoices will be automatically sent to the account owner each month. If you require another copy of an invoice then reach out on our customer messaging platform and we will be able to provide one for you.

How do I update my billing information?

Once a credit/debit card is close to it's expiry date, you will receive an automated email  with a link to update your card details.
Alternatively, you can reach out to our customer support team and we can update this for you.  

What cards and currencies do we support?

ServiceClarity accepts the following cards: 


ServiceClarity supports payments from the following locations:
United States

If you have a paid account using credit card payment, you cannot change your currency.
If you have a managed account and you need to change the payment currency, please reach out to or chat to us on our customer messaging platform.

How do I change my account?

If you are an account owner, you can update your card details here
If you are not an account owner, and you want to change credit card details, please contact the account owner.  
If the account owner is no longer available please reach out to or chat to us on our customer messaging platform.

My account has been suspended?

If you are paying by credit card and you have received an email saying that your payment has been declined, update your credit card details here (or provide a different payment method here) to prevent account suspension.

How do I reactivate my account?

If your credit card failed, your account owner should login and update this. Once updated, our payment gateway will automatically attempt to re-charge your account. Upon successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the account owner.

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