As a customer, you don’t have time to spend weeks trying to get what you want out of a new tool.  You want your needs met fast. So for that, we have our discovery program.
This free service is setup for you so that you can get a free tailored report within 1 week containing 8-10 KPIs so you can fully evaluate whether or not ServiceClarity is for you.

Below, are the top 6 questions most of our customers ask us around our discovery program.

  1. What can I expect from the discovery program?

You can expect a single report with 8-10 KPIs to illustrate what ServiceClarity can do.  By no means, do we promise to achieve all of your reporting requirements, but by giving us some direction into what you are interested in, the type of service you would like to connect into and your role, we can then come up with a tailored report based on these needs within 1 week. 

2. How exactly do you perform the discovery program?

Here’s the schedule:
Day 1: We confirm connectivity to your service and gather initial reporting requirements.
Day 3: We present you with an initial report to provide feedback.
Day 5: The final report is presented to you and other stakeholders.

3. Will I need to give you access to my data?

For the discovery program, yes. At ServiceClarity your privacy is so important to us.  We offer a free trial where you can test out ServiceClarity yourself but if you need more help then the only way we can do that is with your permission to access your data. We also recommend setting us up with an account and providing us with read-only permissions for the project you would like us to report on. 

4. How do I know this is secure?

We are compliant with all the major best-practice security standards, including GDPR and ISO9001. We host our service on the cloud environment AWS, which invests heavily into their infrastructure every year. For a more detailed breakdown as to why you should trust us with your data and for more information around our security policies and procedures you can click here

5. "Is there an alternative to complete the discovery program if I can't provide you with access to JIRA?

Yes, If direct access to JIRA isn't possible then we can also work with screenshots of your workflow diagrams and try our best to work with that.

6. Okay, so what are next steps to get started with the discovery program?"

We will ask you or your JIRA admin to set us up with a JIRA account and we recommend you provide us with read-only permissions for security reasons:
The email to set us up with is and to specify the project you would like us to report on. 

Once connectivity has been confirmed, we will then schedule a suitable time to review the initial report and a follow-up time to review with your stakeholders.
Once done, then you can decide whether or not you would like to proceed with ServiceClarity.

If you would like to book in for a free discovery program then sign up here to get started today. 

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